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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Tardigrades In Space

The Invincible Wasserbär! What? What do you mean it's not a water bear??

Some how that title just screams "Piiiigs iiiinnn Spaaa-aace!" to me...
but the news is in about the space faring water bears aboard the shuttle.
Vacuum ? bah,
Freezing ? Ho-hum
Dessication? So what!
Uh, oh cosmic radiation?!
Nope got that covered too.
Cosmic radiation plus direct solar radiation?
Ok, that one hurts.
But still enough of us will survive and quickly start up again!!
We haz no kryptonite! We iz invincible!

For more see Miriam's posting at The Oyster's Garter.

Next stop MARS!!! Bwaa ha ha!

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