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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

How Much Are Insects Worth?

This may be the ultimate ecosystem service. The NC State University Insect Museum blog reports from a new study that calculated the worth of insects to agriculture:

"Looks like insects' total contributions to agriculture amount to €153,000,000,000 ($216,372,000,000), which is almost 10% of the value of all human food worldwide."
O M G That is some serious figures! Go to the NC State Insect Museum blog to get the details and the link to the study. Bookmark it too, it is an excellent blog!


  1. Good job in exposing the wealth contribution of the spineless. Now they are going to form a Guild and strike until they are paid for their labor.

    Thanks a lot, Kev!


  2. Goodness. I'm going to have to get my insects re-appraised.

  3. Only your pollinators though! That was what they looked at in the study.There are the crop eating and other bugs which cause economic harm, as well as other insects that bring economic gain. This study didn't look at either of those groups of insects.


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