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Monday, June 23, 2008

Inverts 9: Verts 2

Myrmecos has an awesome time-lapse video of ant recruitment. Lizard get pwned x 8000. I was actually quite impressed by the removal of bones...

The recap:
Tarantula vs. Snake
Mantis vs. Snake
Octopus vs. Fish
Double feature: Man Sized Sea Scorpions vs. Armor Plate Fish and Jellies vs. Salmon
Octopus vs. Moray + half dozen fish
Centipede vs. Bat
Centipede vs. Mouse
Octopus vs. Shark

1 comment:

  1. Ok Ok, hold on here.

    That lizard was dead.

    While I'm not familiar with the internationally approved rule book governing interspecies combat, I'm pretty sure that gave the ants an unfair advantage.

    In addition, It seems absurd to count the Octopus vs. Goldfish. That's like Me vs. A bowl of coco crispies.

    In the interest of fair play I move that we modify the score to 7 to 2. The inverts existing victories don't need inflating.


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