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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Non-Paying, Time-Wasting Job Opportunity!

As you can all tell, things have been slow here at TO95. A lot of events have unfolded in my life, many changes which excite me. I won't go into all the details, but suffice it to say that after much soul-searching, goal-outlining, career-pondering I am finishing up my Masters degree in a couple months. This has been a fantastic decision for me, though very difficult. The roller-coaster of emotions is characterized by frustration, tears, several 2 hour conversations with my advisor involving raised voices (not necessarily yelling per se) and accusations, then reconciliation on both of our parts. The end result is I've decided to complete a Masters degree and will be graduating this June.

But the excitement of job searching and inquiring has reinvigorated the fervor in me. Never once during the 4 years I have been a graduate student did I ever stop to think of what I can do with a science degree and look around at the job ads. As may be apparent, my real passion is communicating and writing about science. It is almost as if it were a calling. It has consumed me in the last year. So that is the area of employment I am seeking.

I have also starting working on a book. More details will follow about that. Additionally, I'm pitching story ideas to popular science magazines, hoping to land some work, in addition to blogging over at Deep Sea News. I very much enjoy working with Craig and Peter there and have devoted much more energy to that endeavor than I have here at The Other 95%, this blog that I have nurtured and developed on my own and am quite proud of.

The readership (you guys) are wonderful, have always been so supportive and its been a lot of fun. I really don't want to see this blog and its mission to promote invertebrates fall by the wayside. There is not much on the web like it. I also want to increase my readership, engage in more serious reporting and less personal miscellanea, and become the leading authority for invertebrate news and views on the web.

I am putting out a call for a co-blogger. It is a non-paying job but will undoubtedly be fun. Ideally, this person will have intimate knowledge of invertebrates and is interested in writing stories on marine, terrestrial and freshwater species. You will have free reign. I will not moderate content but ask to restrict the use of cursory words. I would love to get at least 3 posts a week, more is up to you. This site is becoming increasingly popular so you will get lots of exposure for your writing. One article from this blog has been published in dead tree format. Professionals approach me with their papers, news releases, ideas and websites if that is telling of what this weblog has become.

If you are interested, please email me at kzelnio{at}gmail{dot}com with a sentence or two on your background and why you want to blog at TO95. If you are already a blogger, you are welcome to either merge your blog with mine or try keeping 2 blogs (its not the easiest thing to do). If you are not a blogger, feel free to send me a short example of your writing. I look forward to hearing from anyone interested in promoting invertebrates!


  1. You might want to contact The Brine Queen. She is pretty much in the same boat you are, but I don't think she'd do 3 posts a week... But I think combining your blogs would be a boon to both of you. You could probably get more than 1 co-author, which could also bring in some more diversity.

    Go check her out at

  2. I am sorry to hear about your troubles, but glad you are finding your way. Also BOOK! YES BOOK! Eric (my SO & co-blogger) is a journalist, so if you're interested, he might have some advice on how to break into that field.

  3. The good (but kinda sad) news is you'll actually make more money with this decision. According to the recent NSF numbers, a starting salary for a masters in bio (non-human related) is $45k. Higher if you go work for a business, lower if go to an educational institute.

    Ironically, this is higher than you'd make as a postdoc. I know this decision was painful and had nothing to do with finance, but fiscally it is better in the US to not get a PhD.

    Of course, you are looking at science journalism...

  4. Anyone can start a blog. Only you can add your personal miscellanea to it.

  5. kevin...

    load those adorable kids and trophy wife into the car and go west, young man!

    the bay area needs you...

  6. Rick's got the right idea but the wrong compass bearing: come east, young man, across the pond to London! Seriously, congratulations on making this difficult decision. Reading what you've written here I have no doubt that it was the right decision and I wish you the very best of luck in the next steps.


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