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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Palau Flatworm in HD is a great resource for some high-def invert video.
This video below is a small, re-sized sample of a really nice longer 720p video from one of the Japanese ships sunk at Palau. Many inverts in the video, but the marine flatworm, coolest of the Platyhelminthes (to my untrained eye, I believe it is Maritigrella crozierae) is my favorite from the whole clip. (The narrator speaks of two of them, in a bit of invert porn, but I only see one in the video... is it just me?)


  1. Haha. When the narrator starts talking about the flatworm, it does looks as though there's two. Then the flatworm unfolds itself.

    Think someone was just BS-ing? :D


  2. Hmm... only if it is a dwarf male that is hidden in the fold of the flatworm, otherwise looks like one to me!

  3. Oooh, dwarf sex slave worms...where have I heard of that one before.....

  4. I only see one, but I'm by no means a penis fencing expert.


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