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Friday, November 14, 2008

More Inverts from Boston

Things have been even more quiet at The New Blue than here for the past month or so, but it turns out there is no cause for alarm as it seems that Jives has been just a wee bit busy!

He announced today on the blog that a new feature has been rolled out at the New England Aquarium – a virtual aquarium tour they call the NEAQ Mobile Tour. It's available as 16 videos at the NEAQ site or as an iTunes download (video or audio tours)! Take the Aquarium Tour on your iPod as your virtual guide at the Aquarium... cool!

My favorite "chapters" of course are the Jellies, the Giant Pacific Octopus and the whale, I mean the Northern Right Whales.

Be sure to check them all out and give Jives a bit of feedback!


  1. Yes. Give me feedback!

    I'm mulling over getting a chapter added that includes a tribute to our future mollusc overlords.

  2. Yes, must praise the future overlords!
    Or, wait, that would be kissing their tentacles wouldn't it?


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