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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Giant Blue Earthworms and Other Tales

Trumping my story of giant spitting, lily-smelling earthworms from Idaho, those wily Bleimans have an article on giant blue, radioactive earthworms from Australia.

Oh and check Aydin's snail schlong. Its half the snail's coil length.

Help the Brine Queen catch runaway crayfish larvae.

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  1. Awesome! Giant blue bioluminescent radioactive spitting radial schlongs!

    Ever dissect a male Busycon spp.?
    I was "fortunate" enough to have a "generously endowed" male in my invert bio lab. None of the other male specimens were anywhere near as "gifted". When another pair of students (both female) indicated that they had not found whether their specimen was male or female, the professor (also my advisor!) called out.."Eric, can you show Anya and Tina your penis? "

    After a brief pause I replied,
    "Well, I guess so, Prof, but I don't think my wife would approve!"


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