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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Beagle Project: Making Scientists Sexy

You wanna look this good? You wanna be this hip? Go without delay to The Beagle Project Store and shop till you drop! Not only will look as sexy and hot as myself (also sporting a Dogfish Head Raison de' Etre), but you will be supporting the most noble natural history and education project evah!


  1. Be still my beating heart...I love Dogfish Head beer!

    Though I once tried their "Immort Ale" and it was possibly the most bizarre beers I had ever had - and not in a good way.

  2. Yowza. That's right folks, support the Beagle Project and be hot. Nice title double meaning by the way, Kevin Z...

  3. did i suddenly log into the invertebrate edition of details magazine?

    either that or your channeling your trailer-park inner self with the beer, tats, and sweat pants...

  4. Jim, I'm a Dogfish Head freak! I get the Tackle Box whenever my distributor carries it! That and Weyerbacher Big Beers assortment pack. oh to die for!

    KAren,I try to be clever whenever possible. I am just glad their people who are there to pick up on the details

    Rick, I hope your bf doesn't read this blog ;p
    I'm trying to make the cover TQ (Trailer Quarterly).

  5. Well, daaaamn! Clearly, the Beagle Project should raise some dough with a tats & tshirts calendar.

  6. It's all true. When I wear my Beagle Project t-shirt I feel so damned attractive I just don't know what to do with myself. Experience the hotness. Help build the Beagle.

  7. Well, well, it seems sex sells. According to my CafePress accounts page, three "Claudia" BP t-shirts have sold since you posted this, KZ!

  8. Just think how may shirts I could have moved if I was in my briefs?!

    Ooo wait, are their Beagle Project underwear? lol the mast could be positioned in the butt crack

  9. Whoa, this comment thread is now officially in the gutter. Beagle undies? I think that crosses the line (ha).


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