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Friday, February 22, 2008


Peter sent me the coolest thing I've seen on the net in ages! The website, Dreamlines,

"is a generative drawing machine that creates a unique, ever-flowing painting after words you choose. Related images are gathered from the Net and used as raw material for the construction of your personal dream.

...The key of the piece lies in the translation between two different sets of coordinates: color and movement. The images are never actually shown. The visual output is the result of the endless drifting of a swarm of 1500 autonomous particles. The loaded images are a sort of virtual terrain for them. The direction and speed of each particle is given, at each step, by the color values of the pixel it is stepping on. The resulting path is traced to the screen, and the accumulation of them forms the dense drawing seen by the user."
Here are a few of my own drawings for "invertebrate"!

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  1. What were you drinking before you had these dreams, Kevin?


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