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Friday, December 28, 2007

Spineless Wonders of the Web Blogrolling

I've updated my Spineless Wonders of the Web Blogroll finally. I keep adding RSS feeds to my Google Reader without entering them into my blogroll. The following websites have an invertebrate focus or at least theme. I highly enjoy each one and you should too!

A Snail's Eye View - natural history and gastropods
Biodiversidad Venezuelica (in spanish and english) - marine invertebrates of Venezuela
Biological Tales from the Brine Queen - marine invertebrates
Bug Girl - insects
Catalogue of Organisms - arachnids, other terrestrial invertebrates, flora and fauna
Cephalopod Centerfold - cephalopods!
Cephalopodcast - cephalopods and marine education
Circus of the Spineless - monthly traveling circus devoted to inverts
From Archaea to Zeaxanthol - marine inverts and the Red Sox
Gossamer Tapestry - Lepidopterans and insect diversity
I'm a Chordata, Urochordata! - sea squirts and marine ecology
iSpiders - spiders and phylogenetics
Microecos - all creatures great and small...
Natural patriot - crustacean biologist, ecologist, environmental defender
Ontogeny - ants and other insects
Ron's Montana Musings - invertebrate biologist, aquarist
Snail's Tails - snails, isopods, rotifers and delicious food!
Squid - need i say more?
The Digital Cuttlefish - the world in verse
The Missing Cluster (in french) - invertebrate phylogenomics
The Oyster's Garter - musings of a science writer and marine invert enthusiast
The Radula - nudie lover

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  1. Happy New Year (almost) Kevin! And thanks for the plug to the Natural Patriot. Invertedly yours,



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