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Monday, December 24, 2007

Anthozoa Week at DSN and TO95

Hello there friends of the invertebrates! Over at Deep Sea News, Craig is out for a week so Peter has highjacked the blog and called for Anthozoa Week. Well, we're not going to let him do it all by himself! We'll bringing you news and views from the world of Anthozoa. What is Anthozoan? Glad you asked!

Anthozoa is a class of in the phylum Cnidaria that includes corals and anemones, characterized by no medusa stage (i.e. no jelly) in its life cycle. The word anthozoa means flower (antho-) animal (zoa). So sit back, relax and read an anthology of anthozoa this week here and at Deep Sea News!

What better way to start the week than to head over to and learn more about anthozoan biology and research! (Photo above is from copyright 2004 by Vreni Häussermann and Günter Försterra)


  1. we need to try this again sometime

  2. I agree. Lets some other blogs in on it liek Zooillogix and the Catalogue of organisms and see if we can make a well organized effort to give those bags of jelly their due!


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