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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Layers of Symbiosis - Visualizing the Termite Hindgut Microbial Community

This video from Dr. Jared Leadbetter at Cal Tech, courtesy of the Journal of Visualized Experiments, described in fantastic detail the layers of symbiosis in termite hindguts. Well worth the view, watch as Jared dissects a termite hindgut then views the live bacterial and protozoal community. The quality of imagery is fantastic and Jared's enthusiastic narration is informative and captivating. Head over to the Journal of Visualized Experiments for many more visual wonders! This is how science is supposed to work in my opinion. The free transfer of knowledge from one individual to another. NO password barricades, journal subscription hinderance, just open access to the tremendous wealth of information accumulated by civilization.

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