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Friday, July 27, 2007

Graduate Student Opportunity in Shrimp Lab

Interested in doing a Masters of PhD? Not disillusioned enough yet? Always wanted to live in Louisiana?

Well have I got the job for you! Dr. Ray Bauer of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette is looking for graduate students interested in working on:

various aspects of the biology of decapod crustaceans (shrimps, crayfishes, crabs etc)
Go to his website (linked in his name above) and check out his groups research! His current research interests are in hermaphroditic mating system in marine shrimp. If only I were 4 years younger... and had some strange desire to live in the South.

p.s.-Dr. Bauer, if you are reviewing my shrimp paper, please enthusiastically accept! And encourage the editors to waive page charges...

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