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Monday, October 26, 2009

An Awesome Ocean Community

Just a quick note, a note of thanks!

The ocean blogging and ocean twitter communities really came through in a huge way today for Donors Choose. HP had an offer to put $2000 into the Oceans in the Classroom Initiative but only if the community could raise $2000 by midnight on Sunday the 25th. As late as 11pm it seemed a long shot with over $500 left to go. But it happened. With matching $$$ and swag from Kevin and Rick, it happened. Thanks to HP, the $2019 you all have contributed will now be doubled.


There are still many more ocean themed projects out there to fund, so if you haven't yet donated, please do. We do so want to give some of these hundreds of kids the opportunity to get hooked on science and the ocean with all it marvels.

So now I still owe 2 more cards. Pick a card any card...


  1. Gotta be an Ace for the fine work done by the blogging aces of the netosphere! Ace of Spades, maybe? Or Ace of Hearts? Lord knows you guys deserve it.

  2. This looks to be a promising blog! I'm glad I found it! :) You have my "subscription!"

  3. Thanks Raptor Lewis! We have a backlog of over 2 years of inverty goodness, feel free to browse!


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