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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fast Snails

Snails Go west ! Funny TimeLapse from on Vimeo.

Hat tip to Unique Daily.

“Every evening, after my automatic water system stops, all the snails who where hidden behind flowers go out and go on the grass to make parties, eating and drinking! They move from east to west!”


  1. That's some snail collection!

    Apart from being pretty cute, it's quite useful for illustrating the pattern of snail slime trails. They're not continuous but form a dashed line.

  2. "They're not continuous but form a dashed line."

    OMG that's right!! I had to watch it again because I didn't believe ya :P

    Why is that? This completely ruins all my preconceptions about why snails are slimy.

  3. Why is that?Snails move by lifting the anterior of the foot, extending it and then making contact with the ground. Movements are subtle, so they look like they're gliding.

    The Morse code is made up of mucus from the pedal gland, which is towards the front of the foot. It is deposited with intermittent contact. Other mucus might be involved but pedal stuff is quite persistent, so the evidence is still visible days later.

    ... I think ...

    Your suspicion might be wise.

  4. This technology is how we are going to catch Cloverfield before he strikes again.


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