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Saturday, January 19, 2008

North Carolina Science Blogging Conference '08

We had our session this morning on real time blogging in the marine sciences and it went great! We had about 15 in attendance, plus the five of us and the discussion was non-stop. I'm real proud of my co-moderators, Rick MacPherson, Jason Robertshaw, Karen James and Peter Etnoyer. I am also very proud and the audience, they embraced the unconference format there was never a dull moment and they all brought up great points and every person contributed. Jason was hard at work working the live video feed AND participating in the discussion. It is archived here (click on thumbnail under 'past posts') for your viewing enjoyment! The next couple posts will be on various parts of the conference.

Looking out at the frosty landscape on my to the conference. This flight segment was from State College, PA to Washington DC Dulles airport over the folding ridges of the tortured Appalachian range.


  1. More direct link to the session video archive available here:

    Will have to work on the audio next time. There will be a next time, right?

  2. Thanks Jason, I updated the link. And yes, I'm already thinking of next years theme. Something to with Blogs as Outreach Tools maybe.

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