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Monday, January 7, 2008

NC Science Blogging Conference

Its only 12 more days till the North Carolina Science Blogging Conference. I've got my room booked, my flight scheduled, and am raring to go! The Real-Time Blogging in the Marine Sciences session that I have put together is looking real good. We've got Peter Etnoyer from Deep Sea News, Karen James from The Beagle Project, Rick Macpherson from the blog Malaria, Bedbugs, Sea Lice and Sunsets and The Coral Reef Alliance and Jason Robertshaw from Cephalopodcast on the panel in addition to myself. We've got lots to discuss, specifically blogging discovery as it is happening - in real-time. This has applications outside of the marine sciences too. We hope you can join us in this discussion at the conference!

Consequently, I arrive in the morning on Friday and leave early Monday morning. I might head out to the Museum of Life & Science on Friday. If anyone wants to come with me or meet me there, I'd love to have some company! If anyone is arriving at the airport around 10-11am, let me know and we can share a ride. I'll be at the Friday night dinner as well. My Sunday, as of now, is also completely open so all you Research Triangle folk better give me some cool suggestions.

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