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Monday, January 14, 2008

Open Lab 2007 - Published!

Bora and Reed have published the Open Lab 2007. Just like that. I am absolutely amazed at how hard they worked to get this out so fast. As a judge for the entries in the book, I am very proud of their accomplishment as well as all the science bloggers featured in this collection of essays. The other judges had even deemed one of my blog posts worthy as one of the top 53 essays in 2007, out of 468. You can purchase the anthology here for your perusal. I only had time to judge about 30-40% of the articles, and can tell you that 95% of the entries are of very high quality. It was very hard to choose, but I promise that the 53 chosen for the anthology will make a superb read! So go out and get yourself a copy, pick one up for your folks as well. The proceeds are used to support future science blogging conferences, like the one I am going to this weekend in North Carolina.


  1. Oh dear...I hope my entries were't in that 5% of *not* high quality.....

  2. Certainly not!

    But I should have prefaced my snooty comment to say that even those of *not* high quality were still excellent submissions!

  3. I'm reassured :p

    Wait a minute....
    No, not going there.


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