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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Spineless Songs - Big Dead Squid

In my ongoing mission to glorify everything invert, I've added new functionality to my blog. On the right side-bar you'll notice a my Spineless Songs sidebar. I will be writing songs about invertebrates and the sea, when the liquid inspiration lets me. Let me know if there are any problems.

I am happy to provide the mp3 or GarageBand file (for Mac users) to anyone who wants it. Are you a musical invert-o-phile too? Enjoying one of my tunes but think you could add a little pizazz to it with your instrument of choice? Got some great lyrics to serenade your beautiful beasties to but just need some music? Let's collaborate! Send me your digital file, lyrics that need music or ask for my digital file and let's jam (in the virtual sense of it).

My first song is called Big Dead Squid inspired by this Deep Sea News post of ...well... a big dead squid!

*By popular request here are the lyrics:

Big Dead Squid by Kevin zelnio

I sailed for 3 long years
Till the day I saw my fears
Realized on a stormy eve
On a stormy eve

I climbed the ladders down
Set my harpoon to the ground
Grabbed the oars to take my leave
the oars to take my leave

Was but 20 minutes out
No fin or water spout
Horizons clear there nothing but a breeze
There nothing but a breeze

But as the moment flashed
All I saw was but a splash
A whale as large ten oak trees
as large ten oak trees

My harpoon did I grab
I gave her one good jab
The blood the wailing that it did
the wailing that it did

For three more hours I held
The mother ship she sailed
To meet me before the sea forbid
before the sea forbid

The captain oh he grinned
But myself oh I sinned
We cut the blubber the skin we got rid
the skin we got rid

Rotten was the smell
My belly it felt like hell
As we gasped in awe at the big dead squid
in awe at the big dead squid

For common folk it be
A spectacle to see
For a sailor theres no worse a curse than a big dead squid
For a sailor theres no worse a curse than a big dead squid


  1. right on... shoot me the mp3!

    you should also check out my pals at bungee jumpin' cows... they are former colleagues from by uc berkeley days... i think you will appreciate since they also understand that science + music = fun...

    rock on!

  2. Hi rick,

    Use my email address in the side-bar. I can't find yours on your blog.

  3. All right I fixed the problem with the player.... by getting rid of it! It seemed like a good idea but it appears to only work on my computer. I've hosted the file on another website and linked it to here in the Spineless Songs sidebar. Enjoy!


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