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Friday, July 20, 2007

Spineless Songs-What Does the Deep Sea Say?

Picture of Bathyscaphe Trieste from here

In a fitting tribute, I've made minor revision to an old standard sang by the likes of Woody Guthrie, Bill Monroe and Doc Watson (modified as "Where is my Sailor Boy?"), Tim O'Brien and my personal favorite Dave Alvin, as dedication to Craig and Peter over at Deep Sea News.

Words are copied below and the song is in my Spineless Songs sidebar. I never claimed to sing well by the way! But then again thats why its called folk.

For another take on what the deep sea is saying click here.

What Does the Deep Sea Say? (DSN version)

Oh Captain tell me true
Do my sailors sail with you
No they do not sail with me
They sleep at the bottom of the sea

What does the deep sea say
What does the deep sea say
It moans and it groans, it splashes and it foams
and it rolls on it's weary way

Oh please tell me deep blue sea
Is Craig sleeping peacefully
The winds from the north are blowing icy cold,
Please keep him warm for me


If only Peter's dreamin soul
Some token of love could find
If only the waves would show me where he sleeps,
Then I’d leave this world behind


A beautiful rose one day
I placed on the crest of a wave
I said take it please and let the petals fall
Above their watery grave


The driftwood I watched in vain
My rose never came back again
So wave take a message to Deep Sea News,
Sayin I'll be here above


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