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Tuesday, May 27, 2008


It's a bright and squidly day!

DSN reports the catching of a giant squid stalking orange roughy trawlers. Ok, so it wasn't stalking the trawler it was actually caught in a fisherman's net)

Yesterday, Florence from Te Papa was kind enough to let us know that the lectures from the Colossal Squid event earlier this month were available. Due to copyright issues some of the lectures are unavailable, but there are two video lectures and one audio only piece:

The last hours of the webcast are also available in case you missed it before.


  1. Glad you enjoyed the lectures. We're doing our next webcast of the Squid next week - Tues 5 Aug or Wed 6 Aug - depending on where you are!

    We're pulling our squid out of formalyn and moving it to its new display tank. Steve O'sHsea will be there to sew up a rip in the mantle and examinie it now it's preserved.

    The livewebcast and blog is only for 1 day on Wednesday 6 August starting 9am NZ time (USA: Tuesday 5 August 2pm to 5pm, UK: Tuesday 10pm).

    Check out the full programme on our website:

    Hope you can join us

    Lucy - I sit next to Florence!

  2. Hi Eric

    we're just in the process of preparing the exhibition space at Te Papa so we can install our amazing colossal girl in her tank. This opens to the public December 13 - we're very excited!

    In the meantime we have a countdown site:

    Here you can see amazing images of the colossal squid, and also access our blog where we keep you updated on how the installation is going.

    The images change daily so make sure you check in regularly :-)



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