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Friday, September 7, 2007

Spineless Song of the Week - O Bacteria

Helicobacter pylori electron micrograph, showing multiple flagella on the cell surface. Photo from Wikipedia Commons, used with full permission from Yutaka Tsutsumi, Fujita Health University School of Medicine.

Technically speaking bacteria don't have vertebrae, making them hence in-vertebrate, but there are animals and even though animals have loads of them in every nook and cranny! Deep Sea News is hosting Microbe Week all next week (sept. 9-15). Its going to be awesome, just check out the special banner for the occasion below.

I've been contracted by the organizers of Microbe week to do a microbially-oriented song. Christina Kellogg found lyrics by Annette Parrott for O Bacteria, sung to the traditional American song O Susanna. The chords for O Susanna were pretty straight forward, so I went ahead with it. Your spineless song this week, in cooperation with Microbe Week at Deep Sea News, is in the sidebar for your listening entertainment. The lyrics can be found at Annette Parrott's Science Karaoke site (last song on the page), with lots of other great science song lyrics!


  1. I can't wait to hear it. I hope it will be followed by O Archaea!

  2. Elio,

    You don't have to wait. It is loaded in the Spineless Songs Sidebar to the right, with all my other spineless songs!

  3. Love it! The crickets sound great. I included it in the MicrobeWorld News feed to promote Deep Sea News' Microbe Week.

  4. Thanks Chris! Nice site by the way.

    The crickets come standard with all my songs because I have to record myself outside after the kids are asleep, so I don't wake them up. They are starting to get real loud though. I have to can the last song I recorded because the recording had this high pitched constant cricket chirping throughout. When I add an effect on the guitar, it amplifies that into something atrocious.

  5. That looks like a slightly adapted version of the O Bacteria on the excellent
    Lyrical Life Science Vol I


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