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Friday, September 7, 2007

Come Here, Get Your Knitted Invertebrates!

Courtesy of my sister-in-law, I received a link to some beautifully knitted cephalopods (also contains some verts, a nudi, a sea star and a jelly).

Its a dumbo octopus for crying out loud!! How cool is that!? What are you waiting for go help an invertebrate-loving craftswoman! The pattern for the dumbo octopus alone is only $5.50, its a steal if you ask me. Don't knit? Buy it for your grandma and tell her to knit it for you for christmas. Or better yet! Knit it for me for christmas! In fact, I will send a Continental US reader a bottle of Pennsylvania's finest Riesling, from deep down in the Happy Valley (and just a few miles from my door) to the first person to knit me any one of the inverts from her collection. Consider this a contest!


  1. And by Riesling you mean your own citrus-flavored moonshine?

  2. LOL AC, naw this is the real riesling. Its pretty good, considering it comes from PA. We always take guests there for a tasting. (reason #9 for visiting me!)

    Chris, I'm sure of you request it, she'll either make the pattern or for a higher price, make one for you. Send her an email.

  3. Despite my affinity for cephalopods, I really wish someone would make me a plush Kiwa hirsuta (aka, Yeti Crab).

  4. the patterns are gone! :(


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