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Sunday, February 28, 2010

Invert vs. Vert (Anti-aircraft edition)

Hat tip to DrM at DSN



  1. That's a game mantis! The hummingbirds started it, though. What's a mantis to do when one of those thuggish birds tries to use it as a perch?

  2. We've had complaints in the past about our ”unfair“ coverage of inverts kickin some vertebrate tail. Admittedly some of the inverts we're rather unprovoked (aside from the fact that they get so little love from MSM), but this one I figured even those bleeding heart vert lovers would completely understand. Really those talons coming down and grabbing the poor mantis head like a common tree branch!

  3. It's not every invertebrate that can take on a theropod and win!

  4. Very, very cool. I liked reliving the video in slow motion. Impressed with the strength and power of the mantis. Wow!



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