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Thursday, October 8, 2009

Ocean in the Classroom Challenge

Today's a big outreach day!

First up, an outreach project I that has been part of my life for the past year is finally coming to be. This afternoon I will finally see the professionally printed version of my deck of cards that will be used to help teach molluscan diversity. They are still prototypes so I can't show them here just yet. Hopefully soon I can highlight a few of the cards along with some discussion about the animals on them and the process of making them. I am looking forward to hearing from the COSEE particpants at Avery Point who will be getting a sneak peak at them today through Saturday.

On a much larger scale Dr. M and Kevin have gathered together many of the top ocean bloggers to support some serious K-12 education outreach: Ocean in the Classroom Challenge. I just looked through the challenge and there are seven great projects in there, including several that are aquatic invertebrate centered. Personally I love the Invertebrates in my Tank, Waders and Coral Flip Book projects because they touch close to home, so to speak.

I would take the website hostage like the DSN boys are doing, but that won't work so well here where it has been so quiet lately. However, maybe the opposite will work, for each project that gets fully funded I'll put up a post on recent research about one of animals featured in the card decks.


  1. help teach molluscan diversity


    There wouldn't happen to be some cephalopods in those cards would there? Couldn't you just give us a peep of part of one, maybe just a tentacle or a foot? Especially on a day like today? Oh, you tease us so.

    Congratulations though.

    BTW, this is the second blog I've come across that uses the drop down box below for comment authentication. Is this just a blogger thing? It doesn't work for me. I seem to always have to choose preview to get it to work. I can't just hit Post Comment.

  2. Jason, I think it is a blogger thing. Are you logged into your WP account? It should detect the cookies in your browser.

    I had to start comment moderation because in our quietness here at TO95, we were accumulating spam. Eric and I have been deciding what to do with TO95 for while, it might see a rejuvenation, it might not.

  3. Jason, you're in luck. The cards didn't come in today (UPS swears they'll get here tomorrow - I hope in the morning) but one of the 7 projects got fully funded, so I'll post one of the 4 cephalopods that made it into the deck.

    Sorry, 'bout the blogger thing. If TO95 rejuvenates it will migrate to it's own domain and a different platform.


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