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Saturday, October 25, 2008

Fruit Fly Research is Wastful Spending?

Apparently, fruit fly research is wasteful spending, along the lines of 3 million Bear "paternity testing" and 3 million dollar "overhead projectors". That sucks for the research being done on autism using the fruit fly model. I wonder if Palin knows anything autism?

UPDATE: Bjorn Brembs takes offense to the attack on his research area. He basically lays the smack-down (not that that is hard to do or anything).


  1. That woman positively revels in ignorance.

  2. Wow.
    But ya know Joe, she knows all about autism and being the parent of a special child.

    And...and.. and I know how to fix autism, I have the answer to that, and I know how to get it done.I've had the answer to that for years. And when I'm president, Sarah and I will fix it.


  3. not sure, but my guess from the minimal description she gives she means "tru fruit flies" - the Tephritids, and not Drosophila.

    Still research money well spent! Again from her brief description I am guessing this research is very applied -since it is dealing with a pest species of olives that could be moved between countries.

  4. uh, that's "true", not "tru" - sorry for not spell checking!


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