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Thursday, August 28, 2008

Legacy Reminder

Just a reminder that we'll be hosting the 11th edition of Linnaeus' Legacy here in a little over a week from now. The current edition is hosted at A DC Birding Blog who reminded me today that it is the centennial of Roger Tory Peterson's birth. I'll have to go visit the penguins tomorrow!

Submissions to the next edition (which I hope contain many invert entries!) should be made either by email to eric.heupel at or using the submission form at Blog Carnival.


  1. hmmm.... can I submit my entire lifephotomeme blog?

    and can I host it there sometime?

  2. Christopher Taylor is the organizer. Just shoot him an email the Catalogue of organisms saying you want to host.

    You also reminded me to add you to the blogroll!

  3. Your link to the "submission form"just shows me a bunch of birds smelling of fish. Here's the correct link.

  4. Kate, I need hosts for any month after October, and I'd be glad for your help!

  5. Kate I see no problems with it.

    Chris - Doh! That clipboard manager is now trashed. I fixed it... Thanks for the heads up.


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