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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Branded With Science

Carl Zimmer from The Loom is asking scientists to reveal their science ink. Though I got these before I was ever interested in pursuing science as a career, I certainly think these fit in.

The blue Kraken represents Water, my element, while the red kraken, represents Fire, my personality. Since I am a deep-sea biologist now, I call them Kraken instead of dragons...

The biohazard intertwined in a celtic knot armband. I'm certainly hazardous to your health...

I plan to get a shrimp species I described tatooed once the description is published.


  1. I have a major geek-crush on you because of your tattoos. Great site, by the way. I've got my fingers crossed for Sea Squirts Just Want to Have Fun.

  2. I want a biohazard... but the PIs around here freak out when I wear T-shirts with the symbol on them...

  3. Anna, sorry happily married. feel free to compliment me though. (just kidding). Sea squirts Just Want to Have Fun will posted this weekend. Keep an eye out!

    ERV, damn the man! love you blog btw.


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